The Callie Curling Club

We are very proud of our history & contribution to the sport of curling.

Our curling rink has been the home to local, provincial, national and Olympic champions.

As one of Canada’s oldest curling clubs we have a proud history, dedicated staff and volunteers and more. In order to stay around as long as we have, you need to have and follow a set of guidelines.  Please review our Mission, Vision and Values below.

Our Mission
The Callie is a curling club where curlers of all levels enjoy the game and a resource used year round by the community.
Our Vision
The Callie will be:


  • The club of choice for Regina curlers.
  • Committed to providing a high quality year round multi-purpose facility.
  • Customer orientated, innovative, professional, and friendly.
  • Providing enjoyable and inviting participation opportunities for all age groups, levels of experience, levels of interest, and family status.
We value…
  • Our members. They are the reason we exist and their importance cannot be overstated.
  • Our staff. They are integral to the successful operation of the organization.
  • Our volunteers. They contribute greatly to the success of our programs and services.
  • A customer service orientation. We will meet or exceed our customer’s expectations.
  • An atmosphere that is inviting and friendly for all those who make use of our facility, programs and services.
  • Quality and consistency. We will provide facilities, products, programs and services that are of a high quality and consistency.
  • A good reputation in the community. It is important that non-members’ image of the Callie is positive.
  • Community partnerships. Establishing linkages with other service providers for mutual benefit is critical.