Open to men and women 50 and over

If you are retired or planning retirement, consider the Callie Senior Curling Club:
—Non-competitive and friendly atmosphere
–Curl twice a week on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 1pm to 3pm.
–The season is divided into four squares, so you can curl any or all squares for
which you are available.
–Teams are drawn randomly at the beginning of each square.
–Consideration will be given to couples to curl together in their first season.
–Stick curlers are welcome.
–The membership fee of $15.00 is waived for the first year of curling.
–We host Christmas and “End of Season” bonspiels and banquets.
–The Callie Curling Club offers incentives for new curlers.

For further information, please contact Darwin at 306-543-9005, Gord at 306-584-3429 or the Callie at 306-525-8171 or e-mail [email protected]


$270 for the season or $80 per square. Plus a $20 capital fee that is charged by all clubs, once per year and a $10 Saskatchewan Curling Association fee.

ATTENTION: First year curlers or curlers who haven’t curled in over a year, there are new prices for you!

Season: $245.75
Square: $80

Skip Responsibilities
Approved On-Ice Fall Policy
Callie Curling Stick Regulations
Terms of Reference for the Sunshine Committee, Amended Dec 16, ’09

Callie Senior Mixed Golf Tournament Registration Form – Not Held in 2017

Annual General Meeting (AGM)  | March 31, 2017   4:30 pm Callie Lounge

2014-2015 Season Resources |

Executive Members and Assignments

  • President: Herb Haidl
  • Vice President, Treasurer: Bob Butts
  • Secretary: Doug Calder
  • TDC Chair: Gord Krismer
  • Golf Chair: Fraser Hunter
  • TDC Comm.: Joe Dang
  • TDC Comm.: Darwin Dopson

General Club Information and Plans For Curling and Golfing

2016 Square 1 Resources

Team List

Square 1 Teams


Square 1 Draw

Spare List

Square 1 Spare List

2016 Square 2 Resources | 

Team List

Square 2 Teams


Square 2 Draw

Spare List

Square 2 Spare List

Mini-Spiel Schedule ||

Interclub Schedule ||

2017 Square 3 – January to February – Resources | 

Team List

 Square 3 Teams


Square 3 Draw

Spare List

Square 3 Spare List

2017 Square 4 – February to March – Resources | 

Team List

Square 4 – Teams


Square 4 – Draw

Spare List

Square 4 Spare List

Mini-Spiel Schedule

2017 Square 1 – October to November – Resources | 

Team List


Spare List

2017 Square 2 – November to December – Resources | 

Team List


Spare List



Revised March 27, 2014


Article 1 – Name

The organization shall be known as the Callie Seniors’ Curling Club (hereafter called the Club).

Article 2 – Objects

The objects of the Club shall be the promotion of pleasurable curling and friendship amongst all Club members.

Article 3 – Membership

3.1         Provided that exceptions may be made at the discretion of the Club Executive(hereafter called the Executive), the active Club membership (hereafter called the membership) shall be confined to curlers who have paid their membership dues and will be at least fifty (50) years of age during the curling season. The curling season is designated to be generally from early October to the end of March.

3.2         The membership shall include spare Club members who have paid their Club dues.

Article 4 – Officers and Executive

4.1         The executive shall consist of a maximum of seven (7) and a minimum of five (5) elected directors.  The outgoing President shall hold the Past President director’s position for a one year period following the presidency.

4.2         The Executive will elect a President and a Vice President from amongst the directors and may appoint a Secretary-Treasurer or both a Secretary and Treasurer from amongst the directors and the membership. The President shall be an ex-officio member on all Club committees, except the Nominating committee.

4.3         Directors, except the Past President, shall be elected for a two (2) year term by majority vote of the members present at an annual meeting. Directors will be eligible for re-election to the Executive.

4.4         The Executive shall manage all affairs of the Club such as finances, composition of teams and draw schedule(s) of games. The Executive may assign and delegate various duties to both its directors and the membership.

4.5         A Nominations chair will be appointed by the Executive annually by January 30.

Article 5 – Meetings and Reports

5.1         An annual general meeting of the membership shall be held at a date to be set by the Executive and on no less than fourteen (14) days notice. At such a meeting the membership shall elect directors and consider reports. Only members may vote at an annual general meeting.

5.2         Annual reports may be posted at the Caledonian Curling Club (hereafter called the Callie) for viewing by the membership (such posting to be at least fourteen (14) days in advance of the annual general meeting).

5.3         Other meetings of the Executive or membership shall be at the call of the President, or his Designate, on any reasonable notice. Whenever appropriate, reports or information may be posted at the Callie and/or on the internet. Also, electronic mail may be used to transmit reports and information to the Executive and/or membership.

Article 6 – Finances

6.1         Members may elect to curl the full season or part of the full season. Members, except spare Club members, shall pay the required curling ice fees to the Callie.

6.2         a)           Membership dues and spare fees for the curling season will be in the amount set by the Executive and paid to the Club. Payment deadlines will be set by the Executive.

b) The Executive may set additional fees to cover the cost associated with matters such as awards, special luncheons and dinners and recover such fees from participating members and, if applicable, guests of the Executive.

6.3         The Executive may name members who will be eligible to receive an annual honorarium in the amount as set by the Executive.

6.4         The Executive will appoint a Financial Review Committee, consisting of two (2) directors, to review the financial records and the annual financial report for conformances to good accounting practices and standards and in accordance with Executive directions. Reviews may be performed as often as necessary.

Article 7 – Additions and Amendments

7.1        The Executive may make amendments to the Constitution and such amendments will become effective immediately and shall be subject to the approval by a majority vote of the membership at the next annual general meeting.

7.2         Other amendments to the Constitution may be made by majority vote of the membership at an annual general meeting. Such amendments must be submitted in writing, in the form of a motion and a seconder, to the Executive at least thirty (30) days prior to the date of the annual general meeting.